Taylor Swift, according to Dolly Parton, is raising the bar for touring musicians

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most well-known musicians working today. One of the biggest occasions in recent memory was Her Eras Tour. The NFL has attracted a new following thanks to her recent appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games. Even Swift’s eating habits are leaving cultural traces. T-Swift recently received accolades from Dolly Parton, demonstrating that nobody is immune to her allure. On a recent edition of Taste of Country Nights, Dolly made an appearance. While there, host Evan Paul questioned the country legend about which current young musicians were setting new standards for tours and live performances. Parton didn’t have to ponder her response for very long. “Well, Good Lord, who could be better than Taylor Swift?” she retorted. “She’s killing it,” Dolly remarked. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Hey, Taylor, you’re off!” Parton continued by expressing her readiness and willingness to support any young musicians that are out performing and working to lift the standard.

The country legend, though, regrettably doesn’t attend many performances. Parton admitted that she works so hard that she is unable to follow some of the young folks, but she always sends her best wishes to them. “I recall what it was like when I first started out, believing that I could achieve my goals.” Parton continued by saying that one of the most significant things a young musician can do is tour. An artist can earn money, get notoriety, and gain new followers by touring, according to her. She continued, “You can make albums all day long, but you have to get out there and let people hear it. The East Tennessee native has dedicated decades of her life to achieving her goals. That also means that she isn’t as prepared to travel for extended periods of time, which is bad news for the fans. Fans might catch Parton at a festival or as part of a charity event. She has, however, stopped touring. She would prefer spend time with her hubby at home.

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