Strange Al Yankovic Remembers His Embarrassing First Meeting With Paul McCartney

Weird Al Yankovic reportedly described his first meeting with Paul McCartney as ’embarrassing.’ The singer appeared on DannyWimmerPresents and discussed his early days, including the McCartney incident. When Yankovic was asked about his most uncomfortable incident with another celebrity, he began telling about the day he met the Beatles: “Well, my favorite one, and I’ve said it before in the news, was the first time I met Paul McCartney, which was in 1984, on October 22nd, I believe.” I’ve heard different versions of the tale online, but basically, I went to the opening night screening of his ‘Give My Regards To Road Street’ film, and I was just hanging out with Michael Keaton, who was also just starting out in his career. This is as though ‘Mr. Mom’ just came out.” Yankovic went on to explain why he chose to be around McCartney: “We’re just hanging out and thinking, ‘Oh, should we go up to Paul McCartney and say hi?'” And when I asked one of his handlers, he replied, ‘No, Paul’s very busy.’ And I was thinking, ‘Well, this is my chance to meet Paul,’ so I just hung out.

” He then expressed his delight while admitting that McCartney knew him: “I was in the back of the crowd; in fact, I believe there’s an interview of Paul talking to Martha Quinn, and I’m there looking over people’s shoulders like, ‘Hey!’ but eventually I get up to Paul and say, ‘Hi Paul, my name is Al Yankovic.'” ‘Oh, Weird Al, Linda, look honey, it’s Weird Al,’ he says. ‘What?’ I thought. It still amazes me that he knew who I was.” Yankovic is also well-known for his parodies of songs by many musicians, including Michael Jackson, Queen, Green Day, and others. Although he parodied The Beatles’ ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Taxman,’ Yankovic also wanted to spoof McCartney’s ‘Live and Let Die,’ but McCartney refused. Apparently, Yankovic intended to change the title to ‘Chicken Pot Pie,’ but the Beatle objected since he is a vegetarian and didn’t want to hear a song that encouraged the consumption of animal meat. The most recent interview can be seen below.

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