Stewart Copeland Did Not Enjoy Bonham’s Drumming Or Robert Plant’s Singing

Never one to hold back when voicing his thoughts, former drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police expressed his strong beliefs back in 2018. As a result, Copeland originally found it difficult to enjoy Led Zeppelin’s music, partly because he didn’t like Robert Plant’s vocal approach. Then, in 2019, Copeland acknowledged that, although having no recollection of it, he had met John Bonham shortly before his passing. Bonham was not a “wonderful company,” he continued. These audacious remarks struck a chord at the time.

Copeland Couldn’t Appreciate Bonham At First Due To Plant’s Singing
Stewart Copeland stated that he wasn’t a big admirer of Robert Plant’s vocals, thus it took him some time to truly get into Led Zeppelin’s music in an interview with Ultimate Guitar back in 2018. He claimed that it wasn’t until much later that he realized John Bonham had talent. He declared: It wasn’t until years later that I became a Bonham fan too. I was Ginger (Baker) and Mitch (Mitchell) at the same time. I never understood Bonham. Because I was turned off by the song, I missed him. For that reason, I was unable to take Led Zeppelin seriously due to their vocals. I never even bothered to look at the drum kit. But as time went on, I realized what a monster he was.

Jason Bonham Claims Copeland Met His Dad; Copeland Has No Memory Of It
In an interview with BBC Radio 4 in 2019, Copeland said that although Jason Bonham had told him about their meeting, he had no recollection of ever seeing John Bonham. Even he was shocked that he couldn’t recall it. He declared: “Jason, his son, claims that we have met, but how, for heaven’s sake, can I forget that I had met John Bonham? I therefore don’t remember ever meeting him.

I’ve been informed that we met, but how is that possible? Since it was before Copeland became well-known, I was just little old me and he was him. It’s difficult to envision. He continued spoke about Bonham, stating that although he was a challenging man in person, his voice was “monstrous.” He declared: He wasn’t seen as a particularly pleasant person to be around. But wow, drummers quarreled about how he achieved that terrible sound late into the night. The extent of it, the way he plays it as well as what he plays. When he bangs those tom-toms, it sounds like he is playing on a mountain; the ground trembles. How is that accomplished? About that, we’re all scratching our brains.

Copeland On Bonham’s Influence On Him
Stewart Copeland was inspired by Bonham’s drumming, even though he realized his potential later. In 2022, he was questioned if it would be appropriate to compare him to John Bonham in another interview with Farout Magazine. He answered, “Now that I’m older, I find him to be more inspirational.” He also mentioned the drummers who had the biggest influence on him: “Bonham came later; it was all Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell then.” Some musicians have talent that you may not even be aware of until much later, even if you were The Police’s first drummer. Years later, Stewart Copeland became a fan of John Bonham after having a change of heart.

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