Stevie Nicks discusses Fleetwood Mac’s next world tours in the wake of Christine McVie’s passing

The future of Fleetwood Mac’s touring has been discussed by Stevie Nicks in light of Christine McVie’s passing last year. In late 2019, just before the pandemic, Fleetwood Mac gave their final concert as a group. Even then, Lindsey Buckingham had been kicked out of the band and Mike Campbell and Neil Finn had taken his place for more than a year. Since the lockdown was lifted, fans had anticipated for a reunion, especially after Mick Fleetwood hinted at a farewell tour that would involve Lindsey. On November 30, 2022, tragedy struck as singer and keyboardist Christine McVie passed away after a stroke following a time of metastatic cancer suffering. This obviously crushed dreams of Fleetwood Mac coming back together, and now Stevie Nicks has addressed the issue. Nicks was questioned by Vulture if she could see a scenario in which Fleetwood Mac would ever go on tour again.

“We did go out on the road and do a year and a half tour with Neil Finn and Mike Campbell,” the 75-year-old remarked. It was a massive tour, and we had a terrific time. That was there as a potential outcome. But after Christine passed away, I thought there was no replacing her. You simply cannot. What would it be without her? You get what I’m saying? I spent more time with her than any other best friend outside of Fleetwood Mac. She was like my soul mate, my musical soul mate, and my best friend. My closest friend was Christine. “When I hear the lyrics “you always have been” from Taylor Swift’s song “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” I instantly think of Christine and I. In the band, we had no one to rely on. We have been. We defended one another. Who will I turn to look at over there on the right and find hiding behind that Hammond organ? I concluded that we really can’t move forward with this after she passed away. There is no justification.

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