Stevie Nicks defends her decision to continue performing after 9/11

Stevie Nicks recently shared an open letter on her official Instagram account, explaining why she chose to continue performing after 9/11. The Fleetwood Mac singer continued her statement after sharing a poem she authored and some memories from the incident, saying: “If 9/11 taught us anything, it was to be brave, to get involved, and to always run toward people who are in terrible danger and have suffered so much loss.” Who are we if we stop assisting, if we stop ‘rising to the cry’ of people in need? Just a miserable, selfish country that can’t agree on anything.” Nicks then pondered on her decision to continue performing after 9/11: “At the moment, all I can see are the F-16s that flew alongside me into Washington, D.C., so I could do my show and, if only for a moment, make people smile again.” I was still afraid – it was the first time I had felt safe since that fateful day in New York.

I spent five weeks on the road. ‘Don’t come home,’ my folks warned me. Your music is one way you can assist.” The rocker ended her post by remembering those who were directly affected by the incident: “Finally, this day stood out to me. I’m on my way now, but I always — every year — want to remember the brave men and women who responded on that terrible day, both those who survived and those who did not. And I want to respect their children by following in their footsteps – you are always welcome at my events.” Stevie was on tour in New York during the 9/11 events for her album ‘Trouble in Shangri-La.’ Her New York gigs were canceled, but she resumed the tour on September 15 in Atlantic City. She later wrote about the event in the song ‘Illume (9-11)’ for Fleetwood Mac’s album ‘Say You Will.’ Photographer: Stevie Nicks / Instagram

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