Stevie Nicks Bemoans Christine McVie’s Absence From Fleetwood Mac’s Milestone

Stevie Nicks recently posted on Instagram that she wished Christine McVie could have been present to witness ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ with her. The Fleetwood Mac singer posted a photo of the cast and began her remarks by praising Elvis Presley’s granddaughter and actor Riley Keough’s performance: “I just finished Daisy Jones & the Six for the second time. It wasn’t exactly my narrative at first, but Riley easily became my tale.” She then stated how it ‘brought back’ memories from her own Fleetwood Mac career: “It resurrected memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story.” It was a really emotional experience for me.

I just wish Christine had been there to witness it. It would have been perfect for her. Hopefully, this trend will continue.” Christine died last year after a long fight with illness. Stevie has subsequently paid respect to her former bandmate, referring to her as’sister’ in social media posts and singing McVie’s songs during her solo shows. Daisy Jones & The Six premiered on Amazon Prime earlier this year, following ‘the ascent of rock band Daisy Jones and The Six through the 1970s Los Angeles music scene on their quest for worldwide legend status.’ Stevie’s post may be found right here.

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