Stevie Nicks accepts offer following success of Barbie movie

Stevie Nicks informed her fans last night of a partnership with Mattel after her performance at Madison Square Garden. She disclosed that the business, which made more than $1 billion with the “Barbie” movie, had spent the previous three months creating a doll in her likeness. Then, referring to the doll sporting her “Rumours” attire, she continued: “I was really overwhelmed. She’ll be like me, right? Will she accept my soul? Should I give her my heart? She makes me recognize my 27-year-old self. She is me, and I am her. The Fleetwood Mac singer then gave a Barbie to Sara in the crowd while singing a portion of the song of the same name. After the party was over, Nicks spoke about the doll’s development in an online interview with USA Today. The singer acknowledged giving Mattel her original “Rumours” costume during the conversation to ensure the doll’s attire matched the period of inspiration.

She added the following commentary regarding the new Barbie’s design elements: “When Mattel originally gave her to me, I told them that she has a bit too arched eyebrows, and that if you look at my eye makeup from the 1970s, it was very Twiggy—lots of eyelashes and that doe-eyed look. I advised you to repair it by bringing that black makeup up above her eye fold. I then remarked, “We need to see some teeth,” She continued, expressing her reaction to the outcome: “And then on June 22 when I finally got her, I opened her up and said, ‘She’s simply wonderful. They helped this adorable little Barbie win my heart, and she is truly priceless. I’d nearly be content if I was the only one to capture her in the entire globe. The brand-new Stevie Nicks doll is shown below.

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