Spider-Man No Way Home Stars Tom Holland and Zendaya Seen at Airport; See Photos

Tom Holland and Zendaya, two international celebrities, are in India. We can’t control our excitement after seeing the Spider-Man: No Way Home cast leaving the Mumbai airport on Friday afternoon. The Marvel Cinematic Universe actors were seen being driven to their car from Mumbai’s private airport.

Tom Holland was spotted traveling in a laid-back ensemble that included a salmon t-shirt, a denim jacket, a baseball cap, and some denim pants. The actor was observed walking toward the car while toting a little rucksack. Zendaya, his fiancée and co-star in Spider-Man, also showed up in a casual outfit.

Tom Holland earlier stated that he wished to travel to India. Tom mentioned he had a list of countries he intended to travel during the promotion of Uncharted last year. The actor was quoted by IANS as saying, “I am a big fan of India, but like I mentioned, I never had the opportunity to visit. I appreciate the love and support I have received from my Indian admirers.

“I’m bringing my new movie, and I’m hoping Indian fans will enjoy it as well. I’d love to visit India one day to meet my Indian admirers and perhaps even shoot a movie there.I would want to see the Taj Mahal in India as well as the entire thing. Everything there is absolutely lovely. I’m eager to visit every part of India, he continued.

Tom has also frequently discussed his appreciation of Indian food. In a coincidental turn of events, Tom and Zendaya arrived in India a few days after being photographed at a posh Indian restaurant in the UK. Earlier this week, images of their visit went popular on social media. We wish the couple a pleasant stay in India and look forward to hearing about their adventures while they are here.

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