Speaking Up Regarding Mike Portnoy’s Comeback To Dream Theater, James Labrie

On his X account, Dream Theater frontman James Labrie revealed his thoughts regarding Mike Portnoy’s comeback to the group. The rocker recently joined the band just a week ago, having spent nearly 15 years apart, to help out on their upcoming 16th studio album. Even though the band’s X account announced the news, Labrie remained silent about his friend’s comeback to the group until just now. While some fans were relieved to see the classic lineup gradually reuniting with the drummer, others had issue with his return because they preferred the previous drummer. It appears that the frontman concentrated on the favorable comments despite his displeasure. Breaking his silence, Labrie sent out a new tweet expressing his appreciation for his friend: “I’ve been quite quiet and overwhelmed by the response, so what can I say? Wow. We are grateful for the amazing reception to the Dream Theater classic lineup reunion. We are ecstatic and incredibly thankful.

It’s going to be an incredible experience for everyone. Greetings from home, my friend. Portnoy had departed the group in order to focus on his solo endeavors and avoid being affiliated with any one band. The rock star said he needed to “spread his wings” and that he didn’t want to perform with the four musicians he had been with until the very end of his life. Following Portnoy’s comeback to the group, Mike Mangini, the previous drummer, gave way to the original drummer, who assumed his position. As he said, Mangini’s only goal was to assist the band in continuing after Portnoy left. He never intended to replace him. The band has not yet released any information regarding their upcoming studio album. Below is a screenshot of Labrie’s tweet.

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