Sophie Lloyd Explains The Machine Gun’s Ultimate Challenge Kelly Job

Sophie Lloyd, Machine Gun Kelly’s virtuoso-in-chief, recently discussed her career and her experiences on touring with Machine Gun Kelly. During an interview with Guitar World, the guitarist discussed the ultimate challenge of performances with the rap-rock singer. The rocker was asked what she thought about moving from small bars to arenas. Lloyd described it as the “ultimate challenge,” and she shared how she felt on her first MGK gig: “It was the ultimate challenge, and I had to fight through my demons to get started.” I put in a lot of practice time before my first gig. I had prepared myself to be nervous.

“I expected it to be extremely nerve-racking, but the moment I stepped onto the stage, everything faded away, and it felt as if I was meant to be there.” She went on to describe her initial reaction to the first gig: “I saw all of the faces, signs, and everything.” I was shocked at how well I adapted to it. I enjoy seeing everyone go insane. Because the band would leap off a cliff, I began performing stunts as well. It’s been a lot of fun.” The guitarist had only been playing in tiny venues and bars before joining Machine Gun Kelly’s Mainstream Sellout tour in the spring of 2022, and she was posting guitar videos on her YouTube site and Instagram account. She has been performing with the singer since the 2022 tour and will continue to do so on the forthcoming tour. MGK’s next tour is set to begin on September 3. The dates are listed below.

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