Sophie Lloyd Addresses The Hostility She Experienced Because of Machine Gun Kelly

In a recent interview with Primordial Radio, Sophie Llyod discussed the criticism she faced as a result of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. For Lloyd, joining MGK was a big deal because she had only ever performed in neighborhood bars. She conveyed her appreciation for the opportunity and characterized the encounter as instructive and fulfilling. But, after it was revealed that she was a member of MGK’s band, the guitarist also encountered harsh remarks on the internet. Sophie had this response when asked how she felt about it: Yes, that was quite strange. Since it appears that you are the target of hate on the internet, which is unfortunate in and of itself, you get the impression that the entire world is at your door. Journalists showed up at my parent’s house. We experienced everything from some insane things. similar to my partner and mother.”

Family And Friends React To Lloyd’s Sudden Fame
The musician went on to say that they all seemed to enjoy her star status, saying: However, we’re kind of enjoying it. Because they exclaimed, “Oh my God, my name is mentioned in this article.” I’m now well-known. [Giggles]. Well done! “Oh my god, I got verified because they wrote me in an article,” exclaims Chris, Sophie’s boyfriend [laughs].

How MGK Discovered Sophie Lloyd
Lloyd told the tale of how the rocker first entered her life in an interview with NME from the previous year, saying: “MGK saw some of my videos on Instagram and simply just messaged me one day. We had a great Facetime session, and before I knew it, I had my visa and was on a plane to Los Angeles for rehearsals.

Blending Femininity With Rock
However, she wasn’t the only one to face criticism for this. Lloyd embraces her sense of style, fusing her passion for fashion and beauty with her love of rock and metal. She knows that some people on the internet find fault with her for fusing rock music with femininity. In a recent interview with Guitar, she stated: “Even though I enjoy mosh pits, rock & metal, and makeup, I’ve always wanted to add that feminine edge. I also love getting my nails done.” I adore the concept of taking all of that and making it stand out on its own as a type of stylish, female rockstar thing. On the internet, people will always find it annoying. The rock star added that she is aware that misogyny is a major contributing factor in the criticism she receives. She drew attention to the unfair stereotypes that exist in the rock industry, where males may make money off of women’s attraction to men but women who express themselves in the same way are sometimes seen unfavorably. She finds this hypocrisy irksome.

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