‘Some Kind Of Emo Thing’ by Jared Leto: Chad Smith’s First Reaction

Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers recently discussed Jared Leto’s Thirty Seconds To Mars with Drumeo. Smith was initially requested to impromptu drum along to a music the hosts would be playing, so as an unplanned song began to fill the room, the drummer started to demonstrate his prowess. Chad became perplexed when Drumeo questioned him about his hunch on what instrument he might be playing. Briefly, he said: What the f*ck was it, I asked? Is that comparable to My Chemical Romance? It’s sort of an emo thing… I have no idea what the f*ck that was. And what is that? Wait [thinks more deeply and sighs]. I’m not sure. Even so, Chad appeared to be pretty familiar with the band’s name when it was revealed that the song was Thirty Seconds To Mars’ “The Kill”: Jared’s [Leto’s] band, oh! Yes, the drummer is his brother Shannon Leto.

After finding he was scoring Leto’s discography, Smith appeared to be greatly relieved as he clarified whether it was “terrifying” to be performing to a random song: “No. I was like, “Okay,” as soon as I realized it was three. I’ll go along with this. He even had a pitch for the actor’s business: “I’m going to call Jared and tell him you’ve got a new job if your brother gets sick,” The hosts playfully asked Chad if his RHCP bandmate Flea would also be prepared to join Leto’s band, and the drummer gave a quick response that suggested not everyone would be as excited about potentially joining Thirty Seconds To Mars. I don’t believe so. Watch the video down below.

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