Slipknot’s financial situation is revealed by Corey Taylor, and it is worse than anticipated

In an interview with FeedbackDef, Corey Taylor debunked misconceptions regarding the money typically connected to elite bands and revealed some surprising financial details about Slipknot. Taylor explained that despite Slipknot’s widespread appeal, the band has not received much money. He disclosed that their net income is significantly lower than their gross because of the large number of band members, the need to pay a staff, and production expenses: To be honest, we’re not really wealthy in a strange manner. We can definitely live comfortably on the money we make, but we’ve never had any incredible offers. The band consists of many members, and we are responsible for paying the entire crew. There is the manufacture, which costs money. All of this stuff has a cost associated with it. We are therefore paid essentially in line with our value at the end of the day. When comparing their income to that of well-known athletes and actors, Taylor pointed out: “We’ve never come near to the large salaries that athletes, actors, and other celebrities receive.

So in a strange way, we’re essentially upper middle class if you account for inflation. We don’t live opulently. Though by no means wealthy, we manage to get by. I am able to look after my family. Their academic records are up to date. All of my children are covered by insurance. And it really is that. Taylor elaborated on Slipknot’s specialized fan base, stating that their particular sound and genre may have hindered their financial prospects: “Perhaps it’s because we react so quickly. Perhaps it’s because we don’t appeal to a large audience. We only appeal to those who are outside of our genre and those who are in it. We do alright because we appeal to a lot of them, but we’ll never see money like that—f*cking Taylor Swift money. Therefore, it is untrue to say that all rock stars are simply wealthy. We have no choice but to tour as often as we do because there’s no other way for us to genuinely pay our f*cking bills. In a 2019 interview with Vulture, Taylor discussed the same financial concerns and went into further detail regarding Slipknot’s business setup. Regarding the band’s philosophy, he stated that he and the other band members split the profits equally. He proposed that this dispersion among the group’s members contributed to their unified work ethic. Slipknot changed their roster earlier this year when longstanding member Craig Jones left and a new keyboardist was added. Enthusiasts can anticipate their next appearances at the Hell and Heaven Fest in Mexico City on November 3 and the Sick New World Fest in Las Vegas on April 27, 2024.

Regarding his solo career, Taylor recorded and published his album “CMFT” in October 2020. He then worked on “CMF2,” his follow-up, in early 2023. Even though the song did well on the charts, he was not happy with Roadrunner Records’ promotion of “CMFT.” Then, on September 15, 2023, “CMF2” was made available through Decibel Cooper Recordings, his own label, and BMG Rights Management. Taylor’s CMF2 Europe Tour is scheduled to begin on November 8 and will stop in a number of nations, including the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, and more dates in Australia.
The remainder of the interview can be seen below.

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