Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Admits to Having Inadequate Songwriting Skills

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor was featured in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, where he admitted to having insufficient songwriting ability during his tenure with the band. During his split from Slipknot, the musician resurrected Stone Sour in 2002, which he described as a “selfish thing to do.” Taylor revealed why he rejoined the band, as well as his contributions and confidence: “I knew I wasn’t writing music as well as the guys in Slipknot at the time, I wasn’t confident in my abilities, I contributed that much [makes a tiny space between his thumb and index finger].” The rocker explained why he and his other band, Stone Sour, decided to reform: “Because of Stone Sour, I improved as a songwriter and was able to contribute music to Slipknot.” But it stemmed from a completely selfish desire to feel like I could accomplish it.” Taylor emphasized that he was aware that the two bands were on separate wavelengths and that he wanted far more attention for Slipknot, therefore resurrecting Stone Sour: “I knew we’d never have the same effect.

You only get one shot at capturing lightning, and Slipknot was that chance. Maybe I wanted more credit [for Slipknot] when I was younger for ego reasons. Only in retrospect can you go back and say, ‘I was actually a very major part of it.'” Stone Sour has been on sabbatical since the publication of their full-length album, ‘Hydrograd,’ and Taylor appears to have no plan of reforming anytime soon. Though there appears to be no animosity among the band members, everyone decided to go ‘do their own thing,’ thus the extended pause. The rocker stated that starting a solo project was more rewarding than being in two bands since he no longer had to worry about others telling him what to perform or marketing his music. ‘CMF2’, the rocker’s second studio album, will be released on September 15. The most recent single from the album, ‘Talk Sick,’ can be heard here.

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