Slipknot announces the split of Jay Weinberg for “creative” reasons

Slipknot posted a statement on their official website announcing that they and drummer Jay Weinberg were no longer together because of creative differences. In an email thanking Weinberg for his services, the band wrote this: We express our gratitude to Jay Weinberg for his 10 years of unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. The band, the fans, and Joey Jordison all appreciate that Jay recognized Joey’s contributions and added to the previous three albums, even though no one can ever fully recreate Joey Jordison’s original sound, style, or intensity. The message went on to disclose the cause of his resignation: But Slipknot is determined to change, as always. The group has chosen to break up with Jay in a unique move. We are eager to see what the future brings and send our best wishes to Jay. The same remark was also posted to Slipknot’s social media sites, however it was later removed. The drummer has not yet made any comments on the subject. In 2014, Weinberg joined the group to take over for the late Joey Jordison, who was the original drummer.

However, as Jay disclosed in a June interview with Metal Hammer, stepping into the shoes of such a well-known person was not simple for him: “I never experienced overwhelming pressure to take Joey’s place. I find it really daunting since I had always entered into already-existing projects up until that point, mainly as the drummer for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I had only been playing the drums for three years, yet I was performing in front of audiences of 80,000–90,000 people in stadiums!” The drummer continued by sharing his performance experience with Slipknot: After achieving that, I had positioned myself to be the person who could join a moving freight train, whether it was Against Me or Madball. I recognized how to be myself in that situation and discovered how to find my own voice in the catalog of another artist. The most difficult task, though, was Slipknot. That raised the dials to twenty and used every bit of my experience. With the band, Weinberg played drums on three albums: “We Are Not Your Kind” (2019), “.5: The Gray Chapter” (2014), and the most recent “The End, So Far” (issued last year).

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