Serj Tankian explains his true motivation for quitting touring

Serj Tankian, the singer of System of a Down, revealed the true reason for his decision to end his tour. The rock star was questioned by Revolver about whether or not his previous remark about pausing a tour still held true. In response, he mentioned his health and the back surgery he underwent in 2021: “It’s great that my back issues have improved significantly in terms of health. I currently have other matters to attend to, which may or may not be impacted by traveling or sightseeing.

His Decision to Abandon Touring Was Not Just Based on Health Concerns. The rock musician initially said in October 2022 that he was going to be taking a break from touring due to health concerns, but he has since clarified that there were other factors at play. In the same interview, he went on to say: “Reducing touring was not only a health-related decision; it was also a lifestyle choice. based on the family and the goal.

The group has actively gone on intermittent tours. After more than 20 years in the music business, Tankian began to prioritize his personal life over his career. Tankian revealed his current thoughts on his music career: “I have been touring, on and off, for approximately twenty years. Not annually. Furthermore, it’s profitable, enjoyable, and makes a lot of people happy to share the music with others and watch their reactions when they do so, as well as when they receive positive feedback. However, after years of doing it and the associated travel, it’s just one of those things that I don’t consider to be my main priority in life.

Serj Tankian is concentrating on getting more family time in. For the System of a Down frontman, family comes first. The nine-year-old kid of the rock star is something he wants to spend more time with. Repeatedly taking tours had an impact on his connection with his family in addition to his health. After the discussion in that same interview, Tankian talked candidly about his family, revealing that he took them along on a brief tour with the band, making sure that life was always put first. It is important to note that the rock musician prioritizes his personal and family life over performing again anytime soon.

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