Sean, the son of John Lennon, explains why he doesn’t like his own songs

Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon, recently revealed to fans on his X account that he has been attempting to learn songs for his upcoming shows. I’m trying to read a script while listening to the 41 songs I need to learn for the tour, the man wrote. It is not functioning. One admirer asked Lennon if he ever gets to enjoy his own music when he talked about how difficult it is to memorize so many tunes. The supporter stated: “I understand that you are listening to them for business purposes, but I’ve always wondered if a musician could ever come to like their own songs as much as they do others’. Or is your own need to take a “peek behind the curtain” too strong every time you hear it to consider it in any other light?

Sean claimed that although though artists rarely get to completely appreciate their works, he doesn’t mind because he becomes quickly ‘bored’ by it. His words were: “I generally don’t enjoy my own songs after a few months. But I’m a little strange. We’ll examine a few musicians who enjoy listening to their own work. For instance, the vocalist of Florence + the Machine said to USA Today that she enjoys listening to old songs to remember how she felt at the time about a certain circumstance. She uttered:

“I sometimes play back [my music] when I’m trying to recall how I felt about a scenario. It’s as though I’m thinking, “Oh, how did that feel?” I then recollect something while I listen to it. Or perhaps some musicians simply don’t enjoy the spotlight. For instance, Tom Delonge felt a little uneasy when he heard a Blink-182 song playing over the stadium speakers during a baseball game he went to in May 2018. But he maintained his sense of humor and posted a photo of the “awkward” situation to Instagram. The tweets from John Lennon are listed below.

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