Sammy Hagar laments, “I’m So Disappointed,” to Alex Van Halen

In an interview with the Rock of Nations podcast, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar talked about his issues with the band’s chemistry and attacked the “ugly” reality of the absence of a memorial service honoring Eddie Van Halen. The rock star is upset that there hasn’t been an Eddie tribute show. It appears that Alex is suggesting that Alex should be in charge of organizing Van Halen as he is now in charge of it. Says he: “I’m extremely dissatisfied with their handling of everything, especially what they did and when I quit the band. During my first nine years in the band, we got along like brothers and sisters, but then there was disorder in the group. And together, we were content. An enormous family.

Then, Hagar went on to criticize some of the band members he didn’t name, maybe in an attempt to poke fun at David Lee Roth, saying that things had taken a bad turn when “substance and alcohol” came into play. The rock star stated: Things [after I left the band] went awry. When it gets ugly, drugs and alcohol are awful things. Simply said, nothing has been the same. He reiterated his disappointment that there were no official tributes to Eddie’s life and achievements, but added that coming up with such a concert was not his responsibility and he would not take any action. As Hagar noted: “That they did nothing to help Eddie Van Halen, the world’s best guitarist, is unacceptable. I tell you, the greatest rock musician ever. It’s not my job, even though it’s ugly.

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