Russell Hitchcock Remembers Axl Rose Acting As If He Didn’t Know Him

Russell Hitchcock, the lead singer of Air Supply, made an appearance on Artists On Record to talk about his career and memories with other rockers. Axl Rose of Guns ‘N’ Roses feigned not to recognize Hitchcock when they first met, according to the previously published excerpt of the interview. The frontman of the band recalled how the Guns ‘N Roses singer complemented him on his vocals on the day they first met while talking about the band’s smash single, “All Out Of Love”: “Axl gushed about what a great singer I was, but I don’t take compliments well; I just reply, ‘Thanks.'” What should he say, exactly? Anyway, he remarked, “‘All Out Of Love’ holds the record for the song with the longest note held.” When it was all over, I remarked, “Whatever, I don’t even think about that; it was simply what it was. Evidently, Rose aimed to surpass Hitchcock’s mark. He clarified: Would it be okay if I recorded a song and held a note longer than you? he asked. And I responded, “Dude, what are you asking me for? Follow your desires. Great.'” Following their meeting, the two went to supper with Doug Gild, the other Air Supply member.

Rose then extended an invitation to Hitchcock to attend the Freddie Mercury Tribute Show, only for Rose to act as though she didn’t know him. The musician narrated what occurred just before the tribute performance: “When I looked over, I noticed Axl leaning against a concrete pillar. Hey Axl, what’s going on? I went up and asked. I was immediately humiliated when he stared at me. I introduced myself as Russell from Air Supply and added, “I met you at the Rainbow, I had dinner with you and Doug.” He then replies, “Nah, I don’t recall.” I said “bye bye” to him in just two words and then I departed. I remarked, “What a d*ck.” Although Hitchcock has spoken out about the rocker’s attitude before, Rose never mentioned the incident. Therefore, it appears that the two’s disagreement was never settled. Watch a portion of the interview below.

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