Roger Waters Releases a New Version of “Time”

Roger Waters’ updated rendition of “Time” was released as a single from The Dark Side of the Moon Redux. On October 6, the album will be released on LP, CD, and digitally. The new version of “Time” has a calmer, more modern feel to it. The song’s release is accompanied by an official lyric video that lasts seven minutes and 25 seconds and incorporates animated clock images. In one day, the video received 151k views.

“Ticking away……. The voice had been there all along,” Rogers said in a release. “Hidden in the stones in the rivers. Hidden in all the books. Hidden in plain sight. It was the voice of reason. Thought I’d something more to say………”

Waters released a new version of “Money” on July 21. The song will also appear on the forthcoming redux album. During the release of the new version of “Money,” Waters also released a statement outlining the decision to rework Dark Side of the Moon. “In some ways, the original Dark Side of the Moon feels like an elder being’s lament on the human condition.” But Dave, Rick, Nick, and I were so young when we produced it, and judging by the world around us, the message definitely hasn’t resonated,” Waters added. “That’s why I started thinking about what an 80-year-old’s wisdom could bring to a reimagined version.” “When I first mentioned to Gus and Sean the idea of re-recording The Dark Side of the Moon, we all thought I was crazy, but the more we thought about it, the more we thought, ‘Isn’t that the whole point?'” Waters kept flowing. “I’m enormously proud of what we’ve created, a work that can stand proudly alongside the original, hand-in-hand across a half-century.”

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