Roger Waters Explains Where He Gets His Vocal Courage

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd recently took the time to answer some fan queries. During his Instagram Q&A, one fan asked the artist how he found the confidence to share his truth and be loud. Waters responded: “That is a critical question. It comes from my mother, who instilled it in me when I was a teenager. I’ve told this tale a million times, but it bears repeating.” Rogers went on to explain what his mother taught him when he was a teenager. He remembered his mum saying: “‘Roger, you’re going to come across a lot of difficult things in your life, things you’ll have to think about, places you’ll have to take a stand, and so on and so forth.” And here is my suggestion to you if you have a difficult question. You should read all you possibly can. ‘Learn everything you can about whatever it is you are considering or thinking about.'” The artist went on to say that his mother’s words taught him the value of education.

He went on to say: “She was talking about, I believe, mostly big political questions, but they could also be personal emotional questions.” Everything you can read, read, read, and then more. ‘You’ve done all the heavy lifting,’ my mother said after you finished. ‘The difficult part is finished; the next part is simple.'” Finally, after going through all of the stages, the singer stated that he always attempted to do what he thought was right. He concluded his response to the fan’s query by saying: “‘Mum, what’s the next bit?'” ‘You are doing the right thing.’ Those remarks, you know, reverberate through the years. My mother has been gone for about 20 years, yet their words have stayed with me. So that’s where you acquire your courage: by studying history, learning everything you can, and then doing the right thing.”

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