Roger Waters Discusses His Long-Term Illness And Recent Surgery

In a recent tweet, Roger Waters disclosed information about his health, including a long-term ailment and recent surgery. Waters used Twitter to respond to fan questions before to the October 6 release of his new album. One of these prompted the rock star to discuss his struggle with aldosteronism, a disorder where the adrenal glands create too much aldosterone: I consume enough of protein. I take medication to lower my high blood pressure. Aldosteronism affects me. I’ll explain if you don’t know what that is. Your adrenal glands will generate the hormone aldosterone if you have nodules on them, even benign ones. And no matter what you eat or try to prevent it, if they create it in excess, it enters your bloodstream through your kidneys and raises your blood pressure. I thus try to regulate that by taking medicines. And I’m grateful that they’re currently employed. Waters went into detail about his exercise regimen, claiming that he has been avoiding processed meals and consuming less sugar:

I steer clear of processed foods. I make an effort to consume as little sugar as possible, but I do occasionally indulge in a cheap white wine, which is plainly just sugar that has been converted to alcohol and is therefore harmful for me. But I’ll admit that I still enjoy wine. I work out anytime I’m traveling with my trainer Josh Holland, doing planks, wall sits, and other exercises. I therefore make an effort to gain muscle, but it is not simple. There is a significant amount of work involved. The musician also revealed a recent procedure he had. He disclosed that he is currently being advised by his doctor to avoid doing certain exercises: I’m going to brag to you right now, Bo: I’ve been known to hold a plank position for seven minutes. Want to view it right away? Okay, but no. Actually, I’m unable to do so because I recently underwent a hernia operation and went in for my two-week follow-up. Yes, you can lift extremely light weights—no more than 15 pounds, according to nurse Hann—but no abdomen. There are no planks. I responded, “No, okay.

” I must therefore leave those alone for a while. In preparation for ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’s’ 50th anniversary, Waters has been hard at work re-recording and re-imagining the song. Although spoken word segments will be added to the album, Waters’ choice to leave out the other founding members of Pink Floyd has drawn criticism. Fans already have access to a few songs from the upcoming album, “The Dark Side of the Moon Redux,” such as the hits “Speak to Me” and “Breathe.” Fans may notice that these songs’ spoken words were lifted from Pink Floyd’s 1972 album, “Obscured by Clouds.” Pre-orders for the entire album are presently being taken. Below is a link to Waters’ tweet.

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