Roger Daltrey on putting his health at risk to please Who fans

The Who’s ‘The Who Hits Back’ tour, which begins this week, is gearing up for another roadshow. So, in a recent interview with Classic Rock, vocalist Roger Daltrey revealed details about upcoming shows and his personal path as a performer, admitting that it might be a ‘nightmare.’ During the interview, Daltrey stated that the popularity of their shows was largely due to the quality of their performances, and that his singing was at its height. When questioned about his previous statement, the vocalist also discussed the difficulties of his job. Daltrey revealed:

“Listen, when I’m not singing well, I’m very honest about it.” I had a pre-cancerous voice condition around ten years ago, and I did have a few difficult gigs. That was difficult. But the brutality of touring is that you’ve got a gig scheduled, and the audience is waiting for you, and if you’re not feeling up to it on the day, what do you do… send them home? In that respect, it’s a nightmare business, and the singer is always on the front lines. You’re still supposed to go on with a cold or the flu, yet you’re only hurting yourself. But, simply put, if I stop singing, I’ll stop singing. But it’s not the singing that worries me; it’s the traveling, which is a chore in this nation! But, by now, we should be used to it, right? “I’ll see you out there.”

When the journalist inquired if ‘the end’ was nigh, the singer’s health and impending retirement came up. Daltrey, in his own words, does not intend to retire at the present, despite having’realistic’ plans for the future. Here is his response to the question: “I don’t consider it. Obviously, I’m realistic, and there are some things in my life about which I need to make judgments in the next years, but we’ll see. So, for example, I’ve been doing these charity events at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust for the past 23 years, and in order to continue doing so, I’ll have to sign another five-year deal with the Albert Hall. And I’m not sure if I’ll be here in five years!” He went on to say of the band’s accomplishments and plans for the future:

“So I have to make decisions to make sure it’s something manageable for me and something I know I can deliver on.” I’m hoping that some of the industry’s most well-known figures will volunteer to organize nights. I was younger and up for the task when I took on this twenty-two years ago, but I had to sign a lease for 22 years to guarantee those weeks of shows every year. I’ll still be a patron for the organisation and will continue to advocate on its behalf, but I must consider the timeline.

We accomplished something incredible: we promised to establish 25 hospital wards for teens with cancer across the country, and we delivered: in fact, we built 30. It’s been a thrilling ride.” The European leg of ‘The Who Hits Back’ will begin on June 14 in Spain. During the tour, Daltrey and Pete Townshend will be joined onstage by a full orchestra.

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