Rod Stewart reveals the $1 million offer he turned down

A million dollar offer was just turned down by Rod Stewart. Stewart turned down a million dollar offer to perform in Saudi Arabia as a sign of defiance against “the repressive policies of the Saudi Arabian government.” He shared his decision over the offer on Instagram and gave his reasoning for rejecting it.

The rock star mentioned the country’s inequalities and the lack of options for its citizens in the statement, writing: “I’m appreciative that I have the option of performing in Saudi Arabia or not. Women, the LGBTQ community, and the press all have incredibly limited options in that country. I’d like to stay home if I can. to draw attention to the injustices there and spur change.

Similar to the current circumstance, Stewart earlier declined an offer of over $1 million to perform in Qatar due to the nation’s violations of human rights, such as labor violations, discrimination against women, and the LGBTQ population. The artist was reportedly promised more money to perform in Saudi Arabia than was previously offered, while the musician’s managers declined to comment on the matter.

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