Robert Plant is accused of copying Roger Daltrey by Pete Townshend

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey’s relationship was discussed by The Who’s Pete Townshend in an interview with Billy Sloan on BBC Radio Scotland. Townshend recalled the time when The Who were at the Olympic studio cutting songs for their album “Who’s Next,” describing how the group faced pressure from burgeoning heavy rock bands: By that point, I believe we were aware of Led Zeppelin’s pursuit of the Who, who they finally overtook in terms of heavy rock. Townshend went on to say that Plant’s imitation of Daltrey may have contributed to their success: But I believe Robert Plant was a shrieker because he imitated Roger’s theatrical appearance. Robert Plant was midway between Roger Daltrey and Steve Marriott from The Faces, however he had his own style. In the end, he found his own feet, but I believe Roger was conscious that he needed to truly hone his skills.

He also did. Townshend claims that Daltrey was able to concentrate on taking the best care of himself as a result of this: He began to take better care of himself and to truly value his voice as an instrument. He had his troubles and his idiosyncrasies, but he took good care of himself. He didn’t take drugs or drink excessively. Without a doubt, the rest of the band would be working hard. In 1960s Britain, The Who and Led Zeppelin were acquainted. The latter went on to become one of the most popular bands of the 1970s after its foundation in 1968. The Who enjoyed their hits but were always in the shadow of the Zeppelin. While Led Zeppelin sold 300 million records, they only sold about 100 million. Townshend has never been a fan of Led Zeppelin’s music as a result.

Around 1966, The Who began to experience more conflict, especially between Daltrey and Keith Moon. The band briefly considered different vocalists when Daltrey decided to take a break. Plant approached Townshend in 1966 about taking over as The Who’s lead singer. Townshend thought it would be best to stick with Daltrey, though. The entire interview is available to listen to below.

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