Ritchie Blackmore’s Offer To Join Rainbow Is Revealed By Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes recently spoke with Classic Rock about his time in Deep Purple, his departure from Dead Daisies, and how his former bandmate nearly forced him to join a new band. Glenn responded, “When was the last time I saw Ritchie Blackmore?” “It would have been a long time ago if we had met face to face.” But we never had a fight.” Hughes also released Ritchie’s proposal from six years ago, as well as his response: “He did invite me to Rainbow six years ago. Carole [Stevens, Blackmore’s manager and mother-in-law] called the night before I was leaving to say they had found a singer who also played bass. I wanted to fly to New York and have lunch with Ritchie, to look him in the eyes and hug him, but I didn’t want to play bass behind an unknown singer… yet again. As a result, I did not attend.” Hughes discussed ‘Burn,’ which he helped record nearly shortly after joining Deep Purple, and noted that he equates the album with ‘freshness’: “I joined the band from Trapeze, and then seven weeks later, David [Coverdale] joined.” Everything appeared to be spanking new. There was a lot of back-slapping and chumminess. Even [Ritchie] Blackmore was involved.

It was pretty cool.” Glenn also discussed how he left the supergroup Dead Daisies to focus on his work with Joe Bonamassa in Black Country Communion: “I agreed to join the band after meeting David Lowy [band leader and guitarist] in the spring of 2019.” With the Dead Daisies, I took things one song at a time, one album at a time, one year at a time. But then the epidemic struck, and I began to miss my own band and music. I was still happy with David Lowy, whom I regard to be a very wonderful man, but at the end of last year, my manager began receiving offers for these legacy shows surrounding ‘Burn’ – incredibly good ones – so I took them.” Glenn Hughes joined Deep Purple in 1973 to replace Roger Glover, and he has subsequently worked with a variety of bands and musicians, including Black Sabbath, Phenomena, and Gary Moore. He co-founded Black Country Communion with Joe Bonamassa in 2009 and joined The Dead Daisies in 2019. After leaving Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore intended to pursue a solo career. He did, however, form Rainbow in 1975, with Dio as the vocalist. Rainbow, which was planned to be a one-time collaboration, has evolved into a touring band with live concerts. The entire article can be seen here.

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