Ringo Starr of the Beatles recalls his immigration plans to America

Ringo Starr recently spoke with Goldmine about his 1973 album ‘Ringo,’ which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the ‘Beatles Anthology,’ drums, and more. When questioned about his musical idol, Ringo revealed that he admired Lightnin’ Major so much that he was planning a trip to America: “Lightnin’ Hopkins was a musical idol of mine.” The blues were my favorite. Life is strange. I went to the American embassy in Liverpool when I was 18 because I wanted to move to Houston, Texas, where Lightnin’ was from.” Starr went on to tell the story of how he tried to relocate to Houston because he was so affected by Lightnin’:

“At the time, I worked in a factory and was looking for factory jobs in Houston.” And we went to the embassy, and they gave us all these documents to fill out, which my friend and I did when we were 18 years old. We returned and gave them these forms, and they then gave us more! We were 18 at the time, and we did not emigrate. But life takes an odd turn.” Ringo recounted some of his favorite recollections from the making of ‘Ringo’: “I have very fond memories of working on the record. […] It’s the first example of my All-Starr band in many ways, as many of my close pals played on the album. John, George, and Paul all performed on the CD and contributed songs. Every time I go on the tour with the All-Starrs, we still perform songs from the album.” When asked what he thought of The Beatles’ musical legacy, the drummer replied: “I’m really proud of the music that we made; it took a while, but we were very serious players, and the results are that the music is still being played today, and that’s what’s great.”

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