Ringo Starr Describes His Other Career Goals

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr spoke about the newly released Beatles song “Now and Then” in a recent interview with The Sunday Times. The band’s backup plans in case things didn’t work out were discussed, along with the early days of The Beatles. The drummer made a confession and disclosed how long they believed the band would endure before disclosing his prior plans: “Not one of us anticipated it lasting a week!” If they were not to succeed, each member had a separate strategy. He went on: “George would get a garage, Paul would write, and I would open a hair salon.” But it continued till the end. And, I believe, just in time. However, that didn’t stop us from having fun with one another. The Beatles were able to achieve fame despite having disparate career goals. McCartney believed the band would have ten years left before stardom entered their lives. The bassist claimed that they were simply enjoying themselves while performing what they loved. The bassist believed they were finally making progress while writing their third song, “From Me To You,” even though the band only expected it to last for 10 years. The band finally became well-known throughout the world by taking their work seriously.

The band’s career came to an end with the release of this song. The song, which was released on November 2, was first composed by John Lennon in 1970 and was recorded by him in 1977. It was thought to be included in “The Beatles Anthology” as the third reunion single after his death, after “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.” After a lengthy three-decade wait, the song was finally released. The most recent version of the song now include George Harrison’s guitar recordings and overdubs in addition to John Lennon’s voice, which was taken straight from the demo and restored using AI’s audio technology. The band’s final song is available for listening below.

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