Ride On’s full synopsis is “Sinopsis Lengkap Film, Aksi Terbaru Actor Legend Jackie Chan that is Lucu and Menarik, Penuh Bintang”

Jackie Chan was then seen returning to a certain Aksi Komedi-themed film. Jackie Chan appeared in the movie Ride On. The newest Jackie Chan movie, “Ride On,” has a legendary actor who is likable and charismatic.

Larry Yang directed the movie Ride On. Jackie Chan, Guo Qilin, Wu Jin, Joey Yung, Liu Haocun, and Yu Rongguang participated in the action. Ride On will be released in China on April 7, 2023.

What is the whole synopsis for the movie Ride On Jackie Chan?

Read on for a full synopsis of Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon and its spinoff, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which is set to debut.

Below is the whole synopsis of the movie Ride On Jackie Chan:

Lao Lou, a stuntman who goes by the name of Lao Lou, is the subject of this story, which stars Jackie Chan. Dia has long since left her job and has been spending time with her friend, Kuda, who is responsible for her.

Due to the fact that he was still on leave from his job, Lao Luo had a large amount of debt that he was unable to pay off, and he was much less able to take care of his own needs and those of his family.

Lao Luo also started looking for a person named Xiao Bao (Liu Haocun) who had long since stopped speaking to him. Xiao Bao and his companion, Nai Hua (Guo Qilin), a member of the circus, attempted to assist Lao Luo in resolving the situation.

But as soon as someone needed help, a penagih hutang came in and started making keributans. Afterwards, there was a disagreement between Lao Luo and penagih hutang. The aforementioned perkelahian is not quite straight forward and serves as a building material.

Wow, that Ride On synopsis is really lengthy. I’m not sure how to describe the most recent acting legend, Jackie Chan, who is well-known in Lucu. The movie Ride On is getting better and better to watch.

To be able to see Jackie Chan, the new star of the movie Ride On, we must wait till Tayang day!

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