Rick Allen Talks About Def Leppard’s Retirement Plans

Rick Allen, the drummer for Def Leppard, discussed retirement and the band’s intentions for it. As he continues to pack stadiums with thousands of supporters, the drummer was questioned about when he might announce his retirement. With a clear mind, Allen spoke the following: “We never discuss the previous performance. That is somewhat of the unspoken problem. We stay away from it. And what’s this? We’ll simply carry on in this manner for as long as we can. The Rolling Stones, let’s face it, consistently elevate the bar with each passing year. Additionally, we have nothing to be upset about because I believe they will be going on tour once more.

Joe Elliott and Phil Collen’s Reflections on Retirement. It appears that the drummer has no intention of retiring anytime soon. What about the other participants? Allen and Phil Collen, the band’s guitarist, are also in agreement. Collen had already stated that in order to be prepared at all times, the band has been working out frequently and warming up vocally. He said that the band has no plans to call it quits anytime soon.

Additionally, Joe Elliott “cannot see it happening.” Elliott stated that he intends to continue touring and creating music for as long as his health permits. Joe Elliott Avoided Being Forced to Retire. Elliott’s vocal rehabilitation saved his career; else, the rock star might have retired by 2015. Elliott seemed to be out of control and to be experiencing vocal chord freezing. His physicians warned him that they would advise the rock star to change careers if it weren’t for him. Thankfully, rehabilitation allowed the rocker to regain his strength without the need for surgery, and he was once again able to sing. Below, you can view the most recent interview.

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