Rick Allen Identifies the True Heroes of Def Leppard’s Success

Def Leppard is presently on tour, and the band members have begun a new vlog series on their YouTube page called ‘Behind The World Tour,’ in which they discuss the preparations they make, how the concert went, and their experiences. During the ‘Syracuse & Columbus’ tour, frontman Joe Elliott claimed that they had reached a significant milestone in Def Leppard’s career: “The fact that we signed our record deal forty-four years ago today.” That means we watched Led Zeppelin at Knebworth forty-four years ago yesterday, and the record deal was signed in Rick Allen’s parents’ kitchen because he was fifteen. He wasn’t of legal age to sign one.” Rick Allen corroborated Elliott’s words in the video and emphasized the importance of his parents’ support: “Yes, forty-four years ago, in my mother and father’s kitchen, we signed our first record deal.” And I’m sure most people are aware of how supportive our parents were of our band and of all of us these days. We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing now if we didn’t have that support.

We were over ourselves, getting that first record deal, you know, it’s unheard of. That is not something that many people get to do. So, thank you, parents, and everyone else, for sticking with us and being so devoted.” Allen has discussed how his parents influenced his musical career. In a 2020 interview, he stated that his parents advised him to skip out of school to concentrate on Def Leppard immediately after they got their first record deal. In a different interview, he discussed how he began playing the drums and how his parents encouraged him: “When I asked my parents for a drum kit, they told me they couldn’t afford it.” A week later, they said they’d purchase me one on layaway if I did chores around the home. The condition was that I take drum lessons. It felt natural for me to sit behind a drum kit, so I did so right away. ‘Be yourself, just genuinely believe in yourself,’ they said. They believed in me, and I was really fortunate to have such supportive parents.” Def Leppard has completed the third leg of their world tour and will return to the road for Japan and Australia from November 3 to November 14. You may see their vlog by clicking the link below.

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