Richie Sambora: “People thought I was crazy” when he juggled his responsibilities as a father and Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora, the former guitarist for Bon Jovi, is a proud parent in addition to being a rock musician who was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sambora recently shared in an exclusive interview with People Magazine how much he loved his daughter and how he made time for her even when on tour with Bon Jovi. He described his communication with his daughter. He declared: “I truly did come home every time I could after I arrived to a place. With the money I had stashed up, I could simply board a private jet, spend the day with my kid, and then get back on it to head to the event. And I frequently did that. He remembered a time when a younger Ava had a father-daughter dance at school while he was in Australia with Bon Jovi on tour. He declared:

“Don’t tell her, but I’m coming home,” I told her after she had a daddy-daughter dance when she was eight years old. People thought I was insane for having three days off in Australia.The flight was wild, taking into account the 12-and-a-half-hour time difference. However, I discovered the solution and shocked her. And while those kinds of things are certainly necessary in any partnership, they also needed to be completed when I was occasionally away. It held immense significance for me.

Sambora Left Bon Jovi To Take Care Of His Daughter Ava
Before leaving in 2013, Sambora played as lead guitarist for Bon Jovi for thirty years. He took a sabbatical from touring and performances to be with his daughter Ava. Sambora is content with his decision to leave, even if it was not warmly welcomed when it was originally disclosed. He firmly believes that family comes first. In a December 2020 interview with People Magazine, he discussed this. He declared:

It’s clear that this wasn’t a widely accepted choice, but there wasn’t much of one. I needed to make a lot of conscious changes in [my personal life]. Together, we’ve experienced a lot of things. For the family, it was a period of psychological maintenance.I’m not an angel, you know.But I understood that Ava was in need of my presence at that particular moment. Family needed to come first, and that’s exactly what took place. Sambora declared that his greatest passion in life is being a father. He went on: Fortunately, I was earning enough money to charter a private jet, fly home, and spend even a single day with my child. In the event that it was Halloween, “boom, home.” Former lead guitarist for Bon Jovi with an addiction to drugs, Richie Sambora is now a full-time family man.

Ava Sambora Is Thankful For Her Father
Ava is appreciative of her father, much as Ricky feels the same way about her. Ava states that the gestures her father gave her meant the world to her in the same 2020 interview. She remembered: “He made the extra effort to attend all of my school functions and dance recitals, regardless of the distance he had to travel.” She continued, referring to the previously described 12-hour flight: “He even traveled from Australia by plane to give me a surprise at our father-daughter dance.” According to her father, Ava is “getting ready to go for a doctorate” and recently received her master’s degree in psychology.

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