Regarding Being Made To Sound Like Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park spoke with Kerrang! recently about his experience working on his side project, Fort Minor. After thinking back on how Linkin Park’s first two albums had “pigeonholed” him, he decided to use Fort Minor to go deeper into his hip-hop history. Because Shinoda felt pressured to fit into a certain sound when working with Linkin Park, he was inspired to write rap songs that were authentic to his style. The Fort Minor record, which sprang from this exploration, gave him the chance to convey a fundamental aspect of himself that Linkin Park didn’t highlight. He declared: “I recall how that just casually came up. We had just released the first two Linkin Park albums and were starting to feel a little bit pigeonholed when I worked on Fort Minor.

We had the impression that we were being pushed into a box that said, “This is how Linkin Park sounds; you write music like this.” While none of us thought that was a good idea, I felt particularly uneasy about it. He then discussed his musical beginnings. He went on: Since Linkin Park wasn’t hip-hop when I was growing up, I felt like I wasn’t expressing a fundamental aspect of my identity. As a result, I started writing a lot of rap songs to release the tension and experience that feeling. And the more I produced them, the more it seemed clear that I ought to release it. That was turned into the album Fort Minor.

Shinoda On Releasing A Song For Fort Minor After 10 Years
Ten years after releasing their debut album, “The Rising Tied,” Fort Minor released a single titled “Welcome.” Mike Shinoda discussed this unexpected hit and his songwriting approach in Fort Minor with in 2015. He declared: “My goal is to always make sure that the work I release meets my own standards. Before I even decide whether or not a song will be released, included on an album, or whatever else, it has more to do with context. I had the impression that the demo was almost finished when I finished it and listened to it. The strain of being on a Linkin Park album with other Linkin Park songs and all that other things didn’t help it. It no longer qualifies as a hip-hop track, which is what I intended it to be. He dropped another song for Fort Minor a few days ago, which is eight years after this interview.

Shinoda’s Latest Fort Minor Remix
Following Chester Bennington’s passing, Linkin Park broke up, and Mike Shinoda concentrated on his solo career, putting out new songs under his own name. He remixed his newly released alternative tune “Already Over” with his side project, Fort Minor, giving it a new meaning. Rapper Don McLennon is included in the revised version of the song. Shinoda’s new EP, “The Crimson Chapter,” included both the original studio track and the remixed version. In a recent interview, he discussed “Already Over” with TheMusic. He declared: It just seemed like it should be this punk/alternative kind of thing. I decided to simply go with it. Really, it has been a minute since I took that action. Initially, it brought back memories of how I felt when I was writing some of the material for Minutes To Midnight. Like, fifteen years ago, I think.

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