Recalls by Klaus Meine A ‘Brilliant’ Scorpions guitarist is abducted by a UFO

Recently, Klaus Meine talked with ‘Monsters, Madness and Magic’ about the day the Scorpions lost Michael Schenker, their first guitarist, to a UFO. The rocker related how their guitar player was stolen by a British band. He clarified: “We collaborated with Scorpions for a considerable amount of time. After working on the Scorpions’ “Lonesome Crow” album, we went on tour with the British band UFO in Germany. They lost their guitarist due to issues with customs and passports. They immediately hired Michael [Schenker]. The frontman stated that after seeing what Michael could do on stage, UFO hired him immediately away. Klaus went on: “He so performed with us as the opening band before performing with UFO as the headline act. They immediately hired him after realizing how talented this German youth was because it was so cool. Thus, that is how we lost our first exceptional guitarist. For the benefit of fans who may not be aware, “Lonesome Crow” was subsequently re-released with a sticker reading, “Featuring: Michael Schenker of UFO.

” This small addition to the re-released record demonstrated how the Scorpions had benefited from Michael’s success with UFO. Meine continued by describing their decision to select Uli Jon Roth as their new guitarist. Added him: “With Uli Jon Roth, we then started over from scratch. Uli was originally suggested by Michael, who went on to become one of those guitar giants. We therefore had great luck. The vocalist also explained how they collaborated with a new band to record their second album. Claus stated: For ‘Fly To The Rainbow,’ which was the second record, we entered the studio around 1973 or 1974. With Uli, Francis [Buchholz], and the drummer switching roughly every two months, it was a brand-new band, therefore we were in difficulty. The video of Klaus Meine’s interview with ‘Monsters, Madness, and Magic’ is provided below.

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