Queen releases the first-ever professional live video of Freddie Mercury. “We were irritated”

The first-ever properly shot live video of Queen featuring Freddie Mercury singing Stone Cold Crazy has been made public. Fans of Queen the Greatest Live will be transported back to London’s Finsbury Park with this week’s installment of the show. In 1974, the band had been supporting Mott The Hoople at the 3000 seat venue the year before, and they were now officially headliners. The fact that this is the first time live professional filming of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon is remarkable. “When I see the footage of us from those shows now, I see so much confidence and adrenalin,” the guitarist said to Mojo in 2013. “My God, we were such impatient boys,” the thought occurs to me.

Queen was promoting their new album Sheer Heart Attack, and the video that was released today features Stone Cold Crazy performing live. “This highlight from Sheer Heart Attack has never sounded so rocking,” reads the accompanying caption. “With Roger counting in the band with a bellowed proto-punk ‘1-2-3-4!’, Freddie shooting his rapid-fire vocal without missing a syllable, and Brian’s spacey guitar solo scaling the heights of his Red Special’s neck.”

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