Producer Bill Szymczyk discusses how Don Henley and Glenn Frey split the Eagles into two camps

Bill Szymczyk, the Eagles’ producer, recently appeared in an interview to describe the band’s split into two factions. The replacement of Randy Meisner with Timothy B. Schmit was noted during the interview with Rock History Music, and the producer was asked about his impressions of the band members while working with them. Szymczyk revealed that the band had two factions and recounted how Schmit was caught in the middle: “There seemed to be two camps, the Don and Glenn camp and the guitar camp, and Timothy [B. Schmit] was kinda caught in the middle because he was the new guy.” The producer then explained how, due to the two parties, the band would have to stay at two different houses: “Back in ‘Hotel Califonia,’ one of these nights in ‘Hotel California,’ they’d stand in one house in Miami when we recorded in Miami, and when we got to ‘The Long Run,’ they had to have two houses.” As a result, Glenn and Don are in one, while Felder, Walton, and Timothy are in the other. Previously, they would always have a couple of cars. Everyone had to have their own car now.”

Don Felder had a strong rivalry with Henley and Frey about having equal parts in the band shortly after the production of ‘The Long Run,’ and this argument even made a scene in one of their gigs. Felder and Frey had a confrontation in a 1980 event that resulted in numerous threats. The band disbanded the following day, before reuniting in 1994. Following Frey’s death in 2017, the band reformed and is currently rehearsing for their farewell tour, ‘The Long Goodbye.’ The farewell tour is set to begin on September 7 in New York, with Steely Dan serving as the opening act. The dates are listed below. Check out the video interview below.

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