Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was “Embarrassing,” according to Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof discussed his feelings regarding Pink Floyd’s film “The Wall.”

In a 1982 film, Geldof played Pink, the lead character, and he talked about the part, saying he now finds it “embarrassing.” In a press conference, Geldof was questioned about whether or not it was a turning point in his career. The actor denied that the film helped him become well-known, claiming that his performance was “bad.” He went on to say the following:

“After watching the film twice, I felt ashamed.” Furthermore, according to Geldof, he was only able to complete the picture because cinematographer Peter Biziou made the process “very easy.” He explained his current feelings on the film and the reasons behind his embarrassment: “I was just ashamed of myself every single day. I find it difficult to look at myself. It bothers me to hear myself talk. It bothers me to hear myself talk. I wish to avoid seeing myself on a building’s side at all costs.

Why Geldof Was Included in the Movie. It seems like the actor took the role for one reason exclusively, rather than because he enjoyed it: “Money”. Geldof also mentioned that Pink Floyd was “terrible with money,” which was why he thought their remuneration was less than what he had anticipated. He called Pink Floyd “hippies.”

In addition to accepting the offer because he needed the money, Geldof took the job because he was seeking a fresh challenge after becoming disillusioned with Boomtown Rats. Geldof’s Views on the Acting of Musicians. Apart from his remarks regarding the band and his own acting, Geldof also shared some unfavorable views about musicians who dabbled in acting, pointing specifically to names like Sting, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan and implying that their acting abilities were deficient. Nonetheless, he conceded that Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were competent performers, suggesting that their skill was more in adapting other people’s songs than writing their own.

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