“Pink Floyd Didn’t Mean Anything To Me,” says Snowy White

Snowy White, a blues guitarist who has performed with Pink Floyd and The Lizzy, has made remarks regarding the band. White said in an interview with Guitar Player that he had never heard of Pink Floyd before beginning to perform with them. He went on to say: I was a really limited-minded blues player, therefore I had no interest in anything that didn’t have blues in it, thus Pink Floyd had no significance for me. Furthermore, I knew nothing about them. However, someone then replied, “Why don’t you give them a call?” It won’t harm to learn a little bit more. Since I felt like I was accomplishing nothing, I called them and went to their London manager’s office. He informed me that they were recording the Animals album in the Britannia Row studio around the block. In the interview’s second segment, White discussed her idea-sharing session with Pink Floyd, her hopes for David Gilmour, and their studio session together: “They needed some bass, some rhythm guitar, some 12-string, some harmony, and some lead parts, and could I play them? Dave [Gilmour] pulled me away and explained.

Dave inquired if I wanted the gig after I answered yes. “Yes, but perhaps we should have a jam so you can hear me play,” I replied. “You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t play,” Dave retorted. Afterwards, White described the conversation that transpired in the control room of the studio with Roger Watters: That concluded it! Roger [Waters] asks, “While you’re here, why don’t you play a solo on this song I just did called “Pigs on the Wing”?” as we head back into the control room. I thought that would be wonderful. When Roger asked the engineer to upload the song, Dave said, “Sure, feel free to use any of those guitars.” Snowy White and Pink Floyd have been friends since 1976. Snowy received an invitation to the Wall tour in 1980 following this tour. Roger Waters and David Gilmour parted ways with Pink Floyd following their 1994 breakup. Snowy White and Roger Waters, who carried on with their Wall tours, came into contact once more at this period.

Regarding the 1990 Wall Tour, White stated the following in a November 2020 Rolling Stones interview: “I spoke with Roger on the phone, and he informed me that this tour would only last three weeks. If you were in the band, it would be great. It sounded like a great opportunity to travel to America and conduct some gigs, so I said yes. That brief journey, which I had assumed would last only three weeks, ended up lasting thirteen years. The most well-known collaborations of Snowy White are with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. But in the early 1980s, he was a part of the band Thin Lizzy. Well-known tunes like “Whiskey in the Jar,” “Jailbreak,” “The Boys Are Back in Town,” and “Bad Reputation” are owned by The Lizzy. Conversely, White has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Mick Taylor and Peter Green. His breakthrough song, “Bird of Paradise,” was released as a solo artist in 1983.

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