Phil Collen Admits That Def Leppard’s Vocal Trick Was Inspired by Steven Tyler

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen recently revealed one thing his band took from Aerosmith in a recent interview with Louder Sound. While discussing the development of their song ‘Armageddon It,’ the guitarist disclosed what the band took, saying: “Back then, Run DMC was really popular, and the whole Aerosmith crossover thing [with Walk This Way] was just happening, so we kinda stole that idea for the vocal.” And the guitar part was essentially simply filling in the blanks without going all the way through. So there was plenty of room, like in hip-hop or something.” Collen added in the same interview that if it hadn’t been for their producer Robert’ Mutt’ Lange earlier in the song’s composition process, the song would have taken much longer to finish.

The band estimated that it would take another six months, but they were incorrect. It appears that the song took ten days to complete. The guitarist elaborated: “We’d just finished the record and were winding down.” And we’d already spent so much time [on the album] that it seemed a little like, ‘Oh, fuck. Not another tune that will take six months to complete.’ Of course, it didn’t. It took us about ten days since we were getting the hang of it.” Mutt, according to Collen, even came up with the idea for the song. He remembered: “We had a five-minute coffee break. Mutt vanished, and I entered the control room and began playing this thing. Mutt returns and inquires as to what it was. I explained that it was simply a passing thought.

‘That’s the best hook I’ve heard in five or ten years,’ he remarked. We should definitely perform this tune.’ And, of course, I thought there was no way the boys were going to go for it.” Def Leppard is not only the band that took some of Aerosmith’s music, but they have also had their own tunes stolen. One Direction, the once-famous boyband, was claimed to have borrowed the structure of Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ for their song ‘Midnight Memories’ ten years ago. While there were speculations that Def Leppard might sue, the band eventually announced that they would not do so because the songs were just “very similar in structure.” Listen to ‘Armageddon It’ down below.

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