Phil Anselmo’s Former Bandmate Backs Pantera Reunion

Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein recently commented on Pantera’s return and lineup. Windstein has been playing with Phil Anselmo in Down since the band’s inception, and he expressed his gratitude for Pantera’s reunion in a recent interview with Bloodstock TV. The lead singer stated: “I’m overjoyed for [Philip] and Rex. I truly am. It’s incredible. It’s enormous. I believe it’s even bigger… Maybe they expected it to grow this big. I didn’t, but God, I’m delighted for them. We played with them in Poland in early June, and it was incredible… So I’m overjoyed for them. I truly am.” He asserted that the gigs were being held for the right reasons, and he revealed what he told his bandmate about the reunion: “I told Philip and Rex, ‘You get a second chance, a second shot at doing what should have happened with the brothers had they not passed away.'” But they’re doing it for the right reasons, and they’re doing it really well.

Everything about the production is fantastic. Pantera, with Dime and Vinnie, was one of the best heavy metal bands ever.” Windstein then spoke on the band’s current guitarist, Zakk Wylde: “But look, with Zakk, he might not play every note like Dime, but that’s not his style… He’s playing the signature solos, like the things everyone hums and sings, but he’s also tossing in his own material, which is how it should be.” Kirk had previously expressed his thoughts on the subject. The leader stated emphatically that, while the reunion is not the same without Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell, it is a tribute to a legacy. He also addressed those who thought the new lineup was ‘pissing on the moniker’ by saying: “Are they doing anything…?” pissing on the name or what? Absolutely not. They’re actually praising it, in my opinion. I mean, the music is too fucking good, too famous, too innovative, and they were too amazing to deny people the opportunity to appreciate it.” See the most recent interview below.

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