Pete Townshend’s Reason for Labeling Sting ‘Difficult’

Many musicians have written books on their life, experiences in their bands, and even the music industry itself over the years. Pete Townshend of The Who is no exception, having released his biography ‘Who I Am’ in 2012. It detailed the rocker’s personal story and his time with The Who. Pete also discussed the feeling of being left behind or not being able to keep up with his contemporaries in the industry in his memoir. Sting was the one name he used as an example of someone who never had any self-doubt in his eyes. Here’s what Pete had to say about Sting, who made life difficult for him and many other celebrities:

“It could surprise people.” But the one individual I know who doesn’t have any self-doubt is Sting, and he’s really tough for us to work with as a result. We all find him challenging since he is so talented and writes such beautiful things. But there’s something about this man who is so sure of himself that he can abandon The Police…” Since the nature of the music industry is very much dependent on numbers and sales and who is most popular there is room for doubt and comparison. Pete shared that for him and several other musicians that he named, Sting’s self confidence and belief was difficult to handle. He added: “Others Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Ray Davies – and these are people I know pretty well, some better than others – they would have no difficulty with agreeing when I said there were times when I fell out of step and very lost.” Even though Townshend said that the names he mentioned would be embarrassed to admit that they couldn’t understand Sting’s thinking, The Who guitarist had no issue. He stated, ” “They may not admit it publicly, but I can because I have nothing to lose.” “You will be set free by the truth.”

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