Pete Townshend of The Who Finally Makes A Hint About A New Project

In a recent interview with the Sun, Pete Townshend of The Who revealed hints regarding a new rock opera while talking about his upcoming endeavors. “I’m still working on the music recording and score development. In addition, I’m producing a documentary that follows the project from its start in 2007 to the present. When I finish it, which should take me about two years, I want to perform it with a full opera and a group of visiting singers.

However, Townshend has already discussed his intentions for “The Age Of Anxiety.” He provided further information on it in a recent interview with the Daily Beast, stating: “The Age of Anxiety,” a new piece I’ve been working on for a while, includes an installation conversation component. I will therefore most likely complete that, and I will most likely leverage any AI software-based marvels that emerge from the latest technological and data-manipulation wave for that effort. It is still bubbling, then.

The musician has been working on “The Age of Anxiety,” formerly known as “Floss The Musical,” for a considerable amount of time—at least since 2009. At first, he thought it will be out in 2011. Townshend sold the rights to all of his previous and upcoming works, including “Floss The Musical,” in 2012. In an interview with Rolling Stone from 2012, he discussed the idea and noted: “It’s a story unlike anything I’ve done before, with music, people, and an Aristotelian plot line. The main idea is that we’re all afraid. The dread we feel is for the future, the future of our children. We are concerned about the environment, we are concerned about terrorism, we are concerned about being able to preserve life as we know it, and we are terrified that we can’t ensure peace. In an interview with Uncut in 2015, he stated that the piece was intended to be an art installation. He revealed that he had to put his creative roots on hold when he joined the Who, and now he wanted to return to them.

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