‘Perhaps’ by Guns N’ Roses has allegedly been leaked, but where?

When a song leaks, it’s usually quite easy to find on the Internet. That is not the case with the recently hyped up Guns N’ Roses song “Perhaps,” which some fans reported they heard over the weekend when the song appeared on TouchTunes machines at bars and other locations around the United States. According to fan claims on social media, the new Guns N’ Roses song “Perhaps” was populating on computers in the music repertoire from which fans could choose. The single cover artwork was included, and it was credited to the band’s record company, Geffen Records. This comes as speculation of a new Guns N’ Roses song grows. A Guns N’ Roses stage tech stated last month that the band was working on new music, and suspicion last week was that “Perhaps” might appear last Friday after a Universal Music social media tease suggested an August 11 pre-save date. However, Friday came and went with no new music. However, as several fans reported on social media, the music appears to have been mistakenly leaked through TouchTones machines as of Saturday (Aug. 12). It’s unclear whether the music is still available on TouchTunes machines, but some fans appear to have gotten an early taste of the studio version of the tune.

“Perhaps” is another song from the Chinese Democracy era that was never recorded, like “Absurd” and “Hard Skool” before it. The song’s popularity skyrocketed in June, when the band was plainly heard soundchecking it in Tel Aviv. Fans have been patiently waiting for the trio to add the song to their setlist since then, but it has yet to appear. While we await the official release of “Perhaps,” fans should be aware that the band will be performing this week in East Rutherford, New Jersey (Tues.) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Fri.). With their two most recent song releases, the band first performed the song live in concert before releasing the new track following the gig. All Guns N’ Roses tour dates can be found right here.

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