Pax, the son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, appears to be dating as they enjoy an ice cream date

Despite frequently avoiding the spotlight, the 19-year-old was spotted hanging out with the actress. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used to be the most talked-about couple in Hollywood, but these days, it’s their children’s love lives that are in the news. Pax, the 19-year-old son of the ex-couple, was recently seen socializing with American Horror Story actress Carmen Blanchard, which led to dating speculations. Pax, who spends the majority of his time away from the spotlight, was wearing a white t-shirt and casual brown jeans. He wore baseball cap, sneakers, and a silver chain. Carmen was dressed in a black sports outfit, Nike sneakers, and ankle-length socks. According to rumors, Pax is dating Rowan Blanchard’s sister. They were in California’s Los Felix neighborhood. They went to a nearby ice cream shop, where they were trailed by photographers, before eating the delicacies outside. Later, they were seen getting into their car and leaving. Although she doesn’t have as many performing credits as her older sister, actress Rowan Blanchard, Carmen Blanchard has dabbled in the entertainment business throughout the years. In 2011, she appeared on American Horror Story for a brief time as Violet’s younger sister.

She appeared in the short film Trusting Hope as Sky more recently, in 2019. But despite having prominent family members, it seems like Carmen spends a large portion of her life hidden from the public view, much like Pax. Pax is aiding his mother Angelina with the launch of her new clothing line. Pax’s relationship status is currently unknown, although Angelina has provided some admirers with some information about what the youngster has been up to, including helping her start her new fashion firm, Atelier Jolie, in New York. In an interview with Vogue, Angelina described how the creative space will serve a variety of purposes, such as serving as a gallery space and providing on-site tailoring services. The Maleficent actress says she doesn’t want to be a fashion designer herself, but she does want to be among creative people, which is how the initiative came to be. I have no desire to become a well-known fashion designer. I want to construct a home where others can do that, Angelina said.

“Over the years, I’ve met a lot of artisans—very capable, talented people—and I want to see them succeed.” She specifically acknowledged her son Pax for his contribution to the emblem for Atelier Jolie, which is displayed on the studio space’s entrances. Also acknowledged was Angelina’s 18-year-old daughter Zahara, who she claims played a significant part in securing the studio’s location. She stated, “I may be extremely impulsive, but Zahara is so grounded, determined, and serious. “I thought we were both made up when she agreed,” he said. The Outsiders is a Broadway production that Angelia is working on in New York while also including her children in. After seeing her 15-year-old daughter Vivienne’s passion for the arts, the actress employed her as a production assistant. “Viv reminds me of my mother in that she isn’t focused on being the center of attention but in being a support to other creatives,” she said to E! News. She works hard to understand how to contribute and is very thoughtful and serious about theater.

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