Paul Stanley’s Reaction To KISS Homosexuality Rumors

Rumors and rock appear to be inextricably linked, from Robert Johnson reportedly selling his soul to the ‘great mystery’ surrounding Elliott Smith’s death. Paul Stanley of KISS has had his fair share of scandal following him into his life as a rocker, though one rumor seems determined not to leave him alone. For decades, rumors concerning Stanley’s sexual orientation seems to have kept fans and the general public busy, so much so that the singer was forced to answer to this rumor in 2015 while speaking with broadcaster Robert Scott. He stated: “If I were gay, I’d be proud of who I am.” Sexual orientation and other such things are completely unimportant as long as you’re a nice person.” Even though he thought’stuff like that was utterly meaningless,’ the frontman went on to explain why he couldn’t be ‘gay:’ “That being said, aside from having four children, I’ve never seen a guy and thought, ‘Gee, that’s a close second to a woman.

‘” I never looked at her and said, ‘You know, if I can’t have that girl over there, I’ll take the guy,’ you know what I mean? So it’s always been fascinating to me that some people can’t seem to interpret my comfort with sexuality as something it isn’t.” Stanley went on to say that he couldn’t figure out where such rumors came from: Although Stanley appeared to be a ‘ally’ to the LGBTQ+ community, saying that’sexuality didn’t matter if you were a decent person,’ the singer’s contentious comments concerning gender-affirmative parenting and the transsexual community drew widespread condemnation. In the end, Stanley had to apologize for his remarks and backtrack from his earlier criticism, yet one musician stood by the KISS singer’s views and applauded his contentious remarks. You can read about the rocker who stood behind Paul despite the criticism here.

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