Paul Stanley of KISS criticizes Meatloaf for his infamously disastrous performance

This year’s AFL Grand Final entertainers will be KISS. Fans were able to witness Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s joy. Numerous musicians have performed during the Final, notably Meatloaf in 2011, who drew harsh criticism for doing so. He and his performance were even dubbed “the perennial poster child of what not to do on Grand Final day” by certain news sites. Recently, Stanley spoke briefly to the audience about the approaching performance. Additionally, he offered his opinion on Meatloaf’s performance, saying: We feel honored to be present. Australians are undoubtedly passionate about this sport. Being louder than the audience will be difficult for us, but we’ll try our best. We promise you there won’t be any meat loaf on the menu since we plan to blow everything up.

Gene also used his X platform to express gratitude to the AFL and supporters for giving them the opportunity to participate in the final. He stated: “We are grateful that the AFL/Aust Football League allowed us to participate in the Grand Finals and for the devoted 106,000 spectators. We send our best wishes to the Lions and the Magpies. I hope the best team wins. Fans enjoyed Robbie Williams’ performance in his pink costume the previous year. In addition to Williams, The Killers, Birds of Tokyo, Ed Sheeran, and Jimmy Barnes are among the artists that critics cite as being among the ‘best’ performances of the previous ten years. Read Gene Simmons’ tweet and watch Meatloaf’s 2011 AFL Grand Final performance below.

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