Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons may argue following the Ace Frehley feud

During a recent phone interview with 519 Magazine, Gene Simmons of KISS appeared upbeat about the prospect of having Ace Frehley perform in their farewell concerts. This might potentially lead to conflict between the bassist and Paul Stanley in the wake of the Frehley issue. The musician discussed the background and impact of KISS, concentrating on the dynamics between Ace and Peter Criss, the band’s founding members. He continued by saying: We’ve undoubtedly experienced our fair share of highs and lows. As brothers in KISS, Ace and Peter were always welcome to come along for this last round. But this is actual life; it’s not a fairy tale. Addictions, egos, and personalities have all had a role to play.

Simmons’s Varying Feelings About Frehley and Criss’s Absence. In addition, he expressed his disappointment that Frehley and Criss were absent from these final performances: I’m depressed. Ace and Peter’s absences make me feel both angry and depressed. They are alive, after all, but they aren’t here to share in this incredible trip with us. They should get all the credit because they were there from the start. And when they look in the mirror, they realize that they are the only ones who are not here with us. Simmons acknowledged the emotional impact of these last performances and continued, saying: We invited them because we wanted the fans to know as much as we did. The concept of KISS has always been about the total, not the person. We should have all been present for this final visit.

Stanley’s Views On The Importance Of The Farewell Tour
The bassist appeared friendly, but Stanley and Frehley had lately criticized each other harshly. The singer clarified that the tour is intended to highlight the band’s full 50-year history, not just the original members, in an interview he did in October with Ultimate Classic Rock. Stanley also mentioned that he was hesitant to give former band members like Frehley and Criss a voice in the tour, pointing out:

“Letting someone come in and call the shots is absurd. We’re in excellent health. The band is excellent. I don’t want to ruin the farewell tour party. I don’t want to ruin things. It’s been too excellent. Reaction To Critiques And Tour Exclusion From Frehley. In a recent interview with ZackAttack of the 93.5 FM MAX classic rock radio station, Ace responded angrily to Paul’s remarks. He talked about how Stanley and Simmons attempted to damage his reputation by painting him as untrustworthy because of his prior drug and alcohol abuse. In response to Paul’s comments regarding his possible participation in the farewell tour, the guitarist further stated:

They are now disparaging me and claiming that it would ruin their performance if I joined them on the farewell tour. Paul stated on the Howard Stern Show that if I were to go on stage with the band KISS, you might as well call them PISS instead of KISS. Well, this album will make him appear insane when it comes out. While some fans may be disappointed by Frehley and Criss’s absence from KISS’ farewell tour, it’s hardly shocking. In a June interview, Simmons disclosed that both names had turned down numerous invitations to return for the last KISS performances. The band’s final two shows at Madison Square Garden in New York are scheduled for December 1 and 2.

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