Paul Rodgers remembers asking Slash and Jimmy Page for assistance

In a recent appearance as guests on Appetite for Distortion, Paul Rodgers and his wife Cynthia discussed enlisting Slash and Jimmy Page to support Rodgers’ solo album. Cynthia began by recalling how Paul and Slash had performed together at an awards show and continued: “We got in touch with Slash recently since Paul was performing at the CMT Awards to honor Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd. ‘So, are you going to do the CMT?’ I asked Slash. Yes, I committed because they told me Paul was doing it, he says. We’re talking to them, but we haven’t committed, I responded. He said, “Oh.” I retorted, “No, no, if you commit, we’ll commit as well.” We went to see him there as a result.

Then she commented on how they approached Page and the guitarist for the GNR for assistance in promoting Rodgers’ most recent album, “Midnight Rose”: “He’s a lovely man, and in fact, we contacted Jimmy Page when we asked pals to post about the album’s release on social media. We made contact with Slash and a few other individuals. The ones who went on board and really championed it were Slash and Jimmy. Slash in particular gave this CD a lot of support. He is a reliable friend.

Slash and Page both shared content on their Instagram accounts to support Rodgers’ album promotion. When Jimmy released the second single, “Take Love,” he posted on social media to show his enthusiasm for the record’s arrival. When the whole record was released in September, Slash also posted in support of his longtime friend.

Slash and the singer initially worked together on the Grammy-nominated solo album “Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters,” which was released in 1993. Later, in 1994, for Woodstock’s 25th anniversary, Rodgers put together the Paul Rodgers Rock and Blues Revue, which included Schon, Slash, drummer Jason Bonham, and bassist Andy Fraser. This gave the two further opportunities to collaborate. His first collaboration with Page occurred in 1983 during the American ARMS charity concerts. They then co-founded the Firm in 1984, and in the years that followed, they issued two albums, “The Firm” in 1985 and “Mean Business” in 1986.

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