Paris Jackson Responds to Accusations Regarding Her Father Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Paris Jackson recently took to Twitter to respond to a few queries. When asked how it was living off her father, Michael Jackson, the model, actress, and singer, replied: “How’s spending all your time on an account dedicated to people you’ve never met responding to every single thing a 25-year-old posts on both Instagram and Twitter instead of contributing any ounce of love or light to the stream of life in any capacity?” Jackson has been remaining active with her singing career, demonstrating how she felt in the face of questioning about her father and financial condition with her response. The singer has released ‘Bandaid’ and ‘Just You’ in the last year, in addition to her most recent track ‘Hit Your Knees.’ Paris also recently began a tour with Incubus, which began this past Friday at Ozarks Amphitheater in Missouri and will conclude on October 6th at the famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

In addition to her finances, Paris answered a question regarding her aunt Janet Jackson. When another Twitter user inquired about her relationship with her aunt, Paris responded: “With all due respect… never /nevr/ adverb 1. at no time in the past or future; never, ever.” Please learn how to properly use this word. “I cherish my family.” You may listen to ‘Hit Your Knees’ and read Paris Jackson’s tweets below.

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