Pamela Des Barres recalls turning down Robert Plant in favor of Jimmy Page

During a Yahoo conversation, Pamela Des Barres recently revealed how she turned down Robert Plant’s attempts after breaking up with Jimmy Page. Although Des Barres is well-known for her affairs and relationships with a slew of 1970s rock musicians, it’s safe to say she’s not happy with the preconceptions that surround her’image.’ She stated, ” “People believe I slept with 100 men every night.” I recall a guy approaching [Rattlesnake Shake frontman] Jimmy Quill, who was my boyfriend at the time, and asking, ‘So, is it true your girlfriend slept with all of Led Zeppelin at once?’ People believe I had orgies and such. None of that ever occurred.

” She then claimed that she had even turned down Plant’s attempts in order to avoid complicating his relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Page: “[I was] very careful not to sleep with or become connected with the same two members of the same band… I came the closest with Robert Plant. We talked about it briefly after Jimmy and I had broken up. We had a crush on each other. But we never followed through. Most people, however, would not believe that.” Pamela’s most well-known relationships included friendships and intimate relationships with Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper, Keith Moon of the Who, Don Johnson, Mick Jagger, and even country legend Waylon Jennings.

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